Discovering LEWISBURG, PA


I DON’T GO TO A LOT OF WEDDINGS. Either people I know don’t get married or people don’t think I’d be a good guest. Or maybe I don’t go to a lot of weddings because I usually find reasons not to go.


I have about 15 nieces and nephews and I’m proud to say I know most of their names. They’re all entering that age where wedding invitations are arriving on a regular basis, one for niece was the most recent.


The young couple live in San Francisco where he works for Google and she’s a school teacher. She is from Lauderdale by the Sea – so I thought I’d at least either go to some place interesting or some place close.


I did a double-take when I read the invitation that said their wedding would be held in their college town of Lewisburg, PA. It turns out that is where their college is located, Bucknell University in Central Pennsylvania.


I Googled hotels in Lewisburg and it came back with “Lewisburg Hotel.” Done.


We came into a quaint little village that I think I last saw on the Andy Griffith show. And there, like a palace in the distance, sat a beautiful two story Victorian building with three-story pillars, a center entrance and a flag out front. It is the most beautiful building on Market Street.


The brochure says the Lewisburg Hotel was established in 1834. Amazing history. Fortunately it was restored in 1997. “The hotel is the only one in Lewisburg to withstand the ravages of time and progress. It’s plush carpeting, polished brass and distinctive wood reflect the period in which a bawdy river town was being transformed into Victorian elegance,” wrote town historian Betty Cook.


There are 22 rooms, but we stayed in one of the hotel’s three suites. It was spacious, cozy and felt like an efficiency apartment. A living room area, small kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.


The hotel also includes fine dining, a ballroom and conference center, a fun lounge that stays active late. Congratulations to General Manager Dale Walize for running such a great inn. The location is perfect to either walk around browsing stores on Market Street—or driving around Lewisburg. Bucknell University is just around the corner, so our choice couldn’t have been more convenient.


We wound up having an absolutely wonderful time, sight-seeing, visiting with relatives and enjoying our time in this unique destination. It goes under the category, “Sometimes the things you dread doing the most wind up being the most memorable.” This was an absolutely wonderful weekend.

If you are ever find yourself driving through Central Pennsylvania, either for a wedding or something fun, you’ll enjoy the charming warmth of Lewisburg and the iconic landmark called the Lewisburg Hotel. Log on to for more information. – Ray Collins