Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Discovering Downtown Buffalo

It’s an interesting concept—to return to your hometown as a tourist, stay in a hotel and explore the area with a fresh set of eyes.

Beautiful Williamsville New York

Discovering the Village of Williamsville, NY During past trips for weddings and a funeral in my hometown of Buffalo, our knee-jerk reaction has been to stay downtown and...


The Storied Career of Mike Gormley

By Susan Short We caught up with the legendary Music Manager, Broadcaster and all around renaissance man who speaks softly and carries a "big stick". He has been in...

The Pop Renaissance Art of David Palmer

Special Thanks to Dan Warren of Warren Media and Marketing. Susan Short of Family Beautiful was able to catch up with renowned Pop artist, David Palmer on a recent...

Fall 2018

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Don’t Miss The Food At Embassy Suites

Ray Collins Downtown Sarasota has certainly caught up in the hotel ‘game.’  Thousands of rooms added over the past...

May is For Mom

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World’s Largest Zombie Movie!

For the world, Social Distancing is a big adjustment on many levels. As hard as it is for adults, kids are having...