Shadoe Stevens


Finding Hope in Rocky Waters exhibit at Stakenborg Greenberg Fine Art Gallery in Sarasota, Florida was a huge hit!

Shadoe is one of the most recognized voices in the world. He has also been an award-winning worldwide personality and innovator for radio, television, film, new media, and visual arts.

He was the host of the biggest radio show in the world, American Top 40, heard in 110 countries heard by more than a billion people a week. 

This show was the embodiment of the “THE TRANS-DIMENSIONAL SYMBOLISM OF ROCKY WATERS”

`Rocky Waters is a metaphor for “difficult times.” It is an allegory in 12 large-scale, multi-media images, originally 36” x 60” and was inspired by Salvador Dali’s “Imagination and Objects of the Future.” The suite incorporates individual descriptions for each image and the story and word-play is as important as the art and intended to be displayed together. It is the classic tale of the hero’s journey.