A new addition to the varied breakfast, lunch and brunch dining scene is the Toasted Yolk Cafe. Newly opened on 41, this gem of a morning-ish joint is the perfect combination of modern, fun and a little irreverant!

A mainstay in the Texas area, this is the Florida bastion of Texas daytime cuisine and adult beverages, though it is great for families too!

The Toasted Yolk Cafe wants to change the way you think about breakfast and lunch.

At the Toasted Yolk Café, people sometimes have to wonder: What’s so great about dinner? The foods we love best all arrive before 3 p.m.—perfectly poached eggs, strip after strip of crunchy bacon, and layer upon layer of thin-sliced turkey and pastrami. These are the delicacies we dream about at night, and they’re the ones we want to wake up to. They couldn’t find them served consistently in a restaurant atmosphere that didn’t put us back to sleep. So, they opened their own.

 Play with elevations outside

The Toasted Yolk flagship will feature different heights and angles with rooflines and awnings to make it interesting and to make it stand out, says Milton.

“We went through a conceptualizing exercise where we pulled together inspirational images and ideas, and presented the design charrette to the stakeholders,” explains Chandler. “The immediate response was interest in incorporating a lot of exterior windows for natural lighting, and the covered patio to be anchored at the front of the restaurant for highest visibility from street view.”

When you really want a great breakfast, lunch or brunch- this is the place to go! Cheerful, funky, fun and definitely not boring!