Mike Hatfield- The Quest of Sound

Photo Courtesy of: Tim Niceswander (Photo-Famous)

Dan Warren of Warren Media and Marketing sat down with Rock n Roll guitarist Mike Hatfield.

“It’s everywhere”, says Rock and Roller Mike Hatfield.

“Things we take for granted are sometimes right under our nose, I mean ear”, says Hatfield jokingly.

After banging thru the mid-west in pursuit of the perfect rock sound, American guitarist/vocalist Mike Hatfield is ramping up for the 2020 Summer Release of his Debut EP: “If You Wanna Rock n Roll…”. I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike before he headed out west to attend the 2020 Winter NAMM Show (National Association Of Music Merchants) in Anaheim California and we discussed his efforts and approach to this ever changing music market and “Do It Yourself” (DIY) age.

DW – Greetings Mike, You seem very clear on your priorities and what you want this next chapter of your life to look like, so what are the changes to come?
MH – At this moment, I am on the hunt for the perfect creating environment and it all starts with temperature. I spent too many bone crunching winters in Michigan and I want this whole new effort to be part of that creativity as well. Once I find a warmer location, I’ll finish preparing for the debut release and assemble the “Rock n Roll Show” Live band. I just need some warm weather and a great vibe to create more music, I love Michigan, but this is a new chapter, I do like California and the warm weather of Florida and Texas…  

DW – Why is your main focus on your guitar sound?
MH – I feel like the integrity of Rock and Roll is at stake. It’s about time that someone put there foot down and played some guitar riffed rock and roll again. I mean, let’s put it back on the map. We should never loose site that some good O’l Rock n Roll riffs will always cut thru all of the senseless noise out there.

DW – Can you describe the guitar sound that you are looking for?
MH – We’ll it’s a Chuck Berry, Keith Richards sound with a little more distortion, it’s Bluesy, It’s Riffy… I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s all been done before. It’s just repackaged and you have to nail it with the right feel and attitude… You know it when you get it and I’m just trying to fit my slice into the musical pie!

DW – When did you get the music bug?
MH – I’ve always had it. I can’t remember when I could walk into a room and keep my hands off any instruments that might be laying around. Always coming up with melodies on old pianos and organs that a lot of people have sitting around collecting dust. I’ve written many a tune/song on beat up out of tune piano’s! Lol… But when I came across the guitar, all other ambitions fell to the wayside. Head over heels in love! Really had no choice after that, I couldn’t help myself.

DW – Who were some of your musical influences?
MH – My first influences were any kid in the neighborhood who would show me the guitar riffs he knew. I spent a lot of time walking with a guitar from one house to the next looking to learn another chord or song. I had blisters on my fingertips and feet and it was all worth it, cause I learned how to play!

DW – What was it like growing up in Michigan?
MH – Due to my father’s enlistment in the Unites States Army, I grew up as they say, a “Military Brat”. We travelled a lot and lived all over the United States. Two of my brothers were born in Italy and I’m a Georgia peach myself. Always the new kid in school and hated it back then. I actually appreciate it now days. Regardless, Michigan became home where the winters can be brutal, but it has the best summertime of any place. The “Great Lake Michigan” is very similar to the ocean, with nothing but endless water over the horizon and beautiful white sand beaches.

DW – What are your future plans for your music? 
MH – As you know there are a lot of components needed when assembling a musical product. The first and most important piece is the song and that’s the ticket! But the branding and marketing are essential, since there is so much clutter online. The media team and myself are working on that at the moment. I’m planning the release of “Rock n Roll Show” in February 2020. This is an excellent track to set the pace of what’s to come and it will also serve as a little sneak peak as to what’s in store for this summer’s Debut EP Release of “If You Wanna Rock n Roll…”.  

DW – What model guitars and amplification do you play?
MH – Les Paul Guitars and Marshall Amps are the coolest of all the combo’s, a real monster tone and drive, really over the top if you want and cleans up well for any occasion. But my Fender – Stratocasters and Telecasters are a big part of my sound also and are used a lot when I’m recording. A brighter sound that really cuts thru when needed.

DW – Where can we find Mike Hatfield online?
MH – You guys can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and at: MikeHatfieldMusic.com

I had a great visit with Mike Hatfield. Please remember to pick up his Digital Download Single of “Rock n Roll Show” this February and his Debut EP Release of: “If You Wanna Rock n Roll…”  this summer! Available online and at most digital outlets and streaming services.

Dan Warren – Warren Media And Marketing. com