The Magic of The Unstoppable Barry Keenan


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Barry Keenan is an enigma. We caught up with him at his new digs in Detroit, Michigan AKA Motown and he is loving it! Never stopping, and working tirelessly as a songwriter and Producer, he seems to be in his stride. His studio is immaculate and inspiring, as is his new musical creations. He is also doing solo gigs in the Motown area and general Midwest vicinity.

Currently, he is working on a new movie, “2nd Chances” with Scriptwriter/Producer Karen Kevorkian. Keenan contributed to the writing of the script and is credited as Scriptwriter/Producer. Keenan was introduced to Kevorkian by famed record producer, Denny Diante and subsequently has 27 of Keenan’s songs in the movie. Kevorkian & Keenan have teamed up with major movie producer, Arthur Sarkissian (While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock); Rush Hour 1,2 & 3; The Protégé (Maggie Q, Michael Keaton, Samuel L Jackson); Memory (Liam Neeson); and The Foreigner (Pierce Brosnan, Jackie Chan).

Barry recently made the final Grammy nomination ballot in 2021 in the categories of Best Vocal Performance in the Rock Category & Best Album in the Rock Category for his song, “The North Country and his solo album, “From My Pulpit In The Asylum”.

He has a lifetime career as a singer/songwriter and started recording professionally at the age of 15. By the time he turned age 19, he had his first major publishing deal in New York with Shada/Chevis Music owned by writer/producer, Billy Davis (I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing) and has been a published songwriter by such notable companies as Warner/Chappell, Universal, All Nations Music, Criterion Music and Peer/Southern Music.

As a recording engineer, Keenan has owned and operated two commercial recording studios in the Los Angeles area. He has worked on the recorded music of such notable recording artists as Beck, Warren Zevon, Sting, Devo, Pantera, No Doubt, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Cranberries, and Solomon Burke to name only a few.

As a producer, he received his first major break when Miles Copeland (The Police, IRS Records) hired him to produce Adam Ant.

He is the recipient of The Arts For Humanities Award issued at The New World Festival by The Unity In Diversity Council for his song “Knocking On Another Person’s Door”. He was honored by SESAC in Nashville for his songs in the #1 box office hit motion picture, Kickboxer starring Jean Claude Van Damne which featured his song, “Fight For Love”.

As a recording artist, he has received commercial radio play coast to coast from major FM stations KROQ and KLOS in Los Angeles to WCOZ in Boston. His band, Invisible Poet Kings was certified gold on Sirius Satellite’s Starlight Channel. IPK has performed on some of the most notable stages including the world-famous Whiskey A-Go-Go, The Roxy & The Troubadour.

After spending a year on the Songs Of the Times Music Chart hosted by Neil Young on Neil Young’s “Living With War Today” website, Keenan reached the #1 position with his anti-war song entitled, “Our Comfortable Lives” and remained at the #1 position for an astonishing 62 weeks. The song got Keenan his own chapter in the book, La Chanson en Classe d’ Anglais out of Paris, France. Other songwriters in the book are Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, John Lennon, Eminem, Bruce Springsteen, Freddie Mercury, Ray Davies and many others.

Keenan’s duo, Not A Bus received a review of “Perfect” from Stanford radio station, KZSU receiving 8 stars out of a possible 4-star rating for their song, “Google Is My Brain”. Keenan is recording with his band, Invisible Poet Kings with Producer/Engineer, Matt Forger (Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones). The first song, Under The Sun” was released and reached the #2 position on Jango/Radio Airplay international radio. The song is from IPK’s album, “Mutiny In The Dream Tent”.

He is dedicating much of his time to the movie, “2nd Chances” with Scriptwriter/Producer Karen Kevorkian. The project has wings and will certainly be a tremendous work of theatrical and musical art when completed.

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