Chameleon of Expression- Frank Creaturo Artist


A 29-year native, Frank Creaturo is simply hard to define as an artist. He arrived here via New York, where he produced legends for shows at underused theaters such as Billy Joel back in the day. He was also a successful club owner in Long Island, with a venue called the “Choo Choo”.

Creature arrived in SRQ for a weekend 29 years ago and fell in love and never looked back.

“Art was always my passion” Frankie said, “ My mentor was the sculptor Frank Eliscu, who was an American sculptor and art teacher who designed and created the Heisman Memorial Football Trophy in 1935 when he was only 20 years old. Eliscu amassed a body of work that spans from public fountains to ex-President Gerald Ford’s inaugural medal (later given as a gift to Leonid Brezhnev when Ford visited Russia), to the five-story stone frieze that decorates the glass panes above the doors to the Library of Congress.

Frankie reconnected with him as he was a resident of New York and later Sarasota, Eliscu died in Sarasota, Florida. Frankie, a prolific artist has had 4 1 man shows and is hung in many of the area’s prestigious galleries. His work includes abstract, collage, wood, metal and bronze.

Frank, a prolific artist has had several 1 man shows and has hung in many of the area’s most prestigious galleries. His work includes contemporary abstract, collage and sculptures of wood, metal and bronze. His unique style shows through in both his contemporary painting and realistic people from the late 193’s to the 1950’s. His works are full of colors and movements. He plays with the use of light, shadows and figures and has developed a new and personal style of organization of color.

He was awarded 1st place at the 2010 NY Reforming School Artfest as well as the Ringling’s award of recognition and contribution for Art to the Community, as well as many others. Creaturo continues to amaze and inspire his admirers with his expression of the ever-changing world around us.
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By Susan Short